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Welcome to WebBloggerTips – enthusiasts are popular as bloggers community! These are bloggers who live on the internet lifestyle or are heading towards that direction.

According to the latest digital marketing technology, the full force has been born on the blog. Blogging requires proper guidance and appropriate resources, to know the principles that give birth to good productivity.

The lack of proper guidance leads to disappointment, which can lead to unsuccessful blogging, and here’s a way to create WebBloggerTips blog, which helps you to help you with quality and make money easier.

Web Blogger Tips 12 July 2018 has been created, this blog will be your guide provider such as How to make a blog, How to make money, Web Hosting, Social Media & Marketing, Digital Marketing, SEO, WordPress, Adsense.

About Me

My name is kundariya dharmesh a professional blogger from India and owner of the blog affix. I am a Mechanical Engineer, but I am more interested in online, computer, football, other people like to help.

Right now I am working as a blogger, in the beginning, has said something trouble. When first started in, all the information about the blog page was saved in MS Office. A few months later, started with the blogger, the first blog ptcproenginner.com started the blog slowly.

In the beginning, it was boring. But there was no knowledge of SEO, after getting all the knowledge from SEO online, then again on the second blog start webbloggertps.com to on the blogger. First, blog stopped writing, traffic reason.

I mistake that the first blog was stopped writing posts. If still continue to write posts, then the second’s blogs will be as successful as webbloggertps.com. Today webbloggertps.com is also happy to get traffic.

With the pleasure of webbloggertps.com, the third blog (webbloggertips.com) is located on WordPress. Blog still continues to write. Mainly, you will give this advisor, do not stop after you start the blog.

Always learn to be happy, do not be sad when writing a blog, because thinking can change.

While writing a blog, do not copy-paste, meaning- Do not keep duplicate content on your blog. It does not have any meaning. If you are thinking about earning then focus. You think about duplicate content, Google Adsense will never get approval, there is hostility with it.

There is no need to worry, Web Blogger Tips can help you. Stay joined to this information in BlogAffix, you can also do that by subscribing so that all latest information can be received by your email with subscribing, our social media is also joined.

Thank you.

Anything urgent?   Email: admin@webbloggertips.com

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