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Backlink Checker Tools – best five online free checkers

Backlink Checker Tools – best five online free checkers
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Backlink SEO is a big factor. Any blog or website can get the first rank in the search engine. When you make backlinks then you can Backlink is a huge contributor to every successful blog.

Blogging popular is increasing on one side. The first low-quality backlink proved to be very beneficial for the blog, but since Google has converted into a new algorithm, backlinks have become a great father.

So you need to understand that backlinks are an important part of your overall SEO strategy. Backlinks are created when there is a website link to your website pages. In the case of genuine quality backlinks, you help in better ranking in the SERP and improve the PR of your website or web page.

I’m sharing here about the backlink online tool and talked to us above, you also have to consider why the backlink tool is needed.

If you are a new reader and are unfamiliar with backlinks, then I recommended that visit the link given below.

Why you need backlink checker tools?

Link to any page from your website, it is called Backlinks, backlinks were one of the most important criteria for high page ranking and better keyword ranking. However, over time, Google added more importance to the importance of backlinks and ranking the website.

Backlink gives us two types of “do follow” and “no follow” backlinks, both of which we know first. “Dofollow” gives more profit from that.

When we talk of creating backlinks, we usually focus on creating do follow links. By using the Backlink Checker tool, we believe how many backlinks we have made for our site. A good number of backlinks help us improve page rank and our site sales order is also very useful.

I’ve made a list of some free tools that will help you to see all the incoming backlinks on your website and you can choose one of these tools depending on your needs.

This is some of the tools that do not need to sign up and there are some tools which are not used without signing up. All this is available on the list which is absolutely free. If you want to see the list, please look below.

Top Free Backlink Checker Tools

1. SEMRUSH (Worlds Popular)

SEMRUSH is a very powerful SEO tool, although SEMRUSH is not a free tool, you can use its trial version for free. There is an extended database that allows you to check the accuracy of your website’s backlink in relation to a few seconds. This link checker software lets you compare links to your site with a link to your competitors. In addition, this tool has been a favourite backlink checker tool for many top bloggers for many years. SEMRUSH is a tool you should use now as your backlink checker.

Here is a special link that will allow you to use Free SEMRUSH for 14 days. (You can cancel at any time within a 14-day period, and you will not be charged.)

2. OpenSiteExplorer

There are two packs in this tool: Free and paid if someone wants to get a backlink report on their daily basis, then you have to verify your blog for the version of payment.

With all the tools listed in this article, Open Site Explorer is an old and very popular. If you want to compare backlinks between two or more domains, then try the Open Site Explorer. This tool works best when SEOMOZ pays, although a free version of this tool is enough to check backlinks of your site and the sites of your competitors.

3. RankSignals

It is a free backlinks checker tool that allows you to quickly check site backlinks with analytics. In addition to this tool, you will add a link to your site on your site, if you are connected through text or image. If it is an anchor text, then it will show you the most used anchor texts directed at any website.

You can use this tool to link analyzer text, see the total amount of backlinks or PageRank where you are getting backlinks.

4. DigBacklink

There is a very popular but not functional tool that you can use as a backlink tester for free. You will have to sign up with your Facebook account and you will be able to create backlink reports on your blog.

Just like any other tool, Dig Backlink gives you useful information like mozRank and Pagerank domains, where you are backlinking and this is a text or image link. The best thing about Digg Backlink is that there are no popups or other unorganized items.

5. AHrefs (Popular)

A recent addition to AHrefs is that I am eligible to mention here. This is a paid backlink checker tool, but if you can register for a free account, you can get a full backlink analysis with anchor text analysis of your site.

This tool provides a detailed deal related to backlinks to your site, and over time you can see how links on your site are increasing or decreasing.

However, this allows you to register for a free account where you can get a complete backlink analysis report with anchor text analysis of your website. It provides a detailed account of your site’s backlinks. You can also see that links to your site are live or reduced. It is used by many popular online marketers.

So you have these five online tools for your blog that help in checking your backlink.

This article is the right path to the fastest and most reliable backlink checker tools you can use right now for your blog.

Tell me if you know about any other tool that allows you to check backlinks in the fastest way! Do not forget to share this post with others on Google+, Facebook and Twitter!



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