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backup blogger blog posts page and comments – guideline

backup blogger blog posts page and comments – guideline
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Whenever your blogger is important for saving the backup of the blog – especially before changing your blog design.

This process is easy and can save vital coding or a headache to lose files, your blog should be unexpected – do not heaven! I recommend creating a folder on your computer called “Blog Backups” and then save all previous and current backup files in that folder.

As a Google Blogger, there is no way to recover your deleted blog. The only thing you can do to protect yourself is to back up your site. In this short article, we will tell you how to back up your Blogger blog.

Perhaps this is the cost of using this platform for free. Imagine the feelings of the person who spent days and nights, to submit his website, and somehow due to some violation of the terms, Google removes his site. Things cannot be worse than those people.

Are you ready to take backups of your blogger blog? So let’s go.

How to Backup Blogger Blog?

The “Back up content” option is to take a complete backup of your blog posts, pages, and comments.

I advise you to back up bloggers at regular intervals.

If there is a problem with your blog, then you can use this backup to restore the post, page, and comments. Also, you can use this blog to move your blog to other blogging platforms such as WordPress.


1. Go to Settings > Other > Import & back up

2. Click on “Backup content” button.

3. Click on “Save to your computer” button.


Backups are stored in XML format on your computer. If you want to access the backup file from anywhere, you will need to have a backup file in Google Drive or Dropbox.

Import Blogger Blog

At present, the blog supports only the import of blogger blogs. If you are importing backups in existing blogs, then it will merge with current posts. Otherwise, you can import backups in a new blog.

Steps :

1. Select the blog in which you want to import posts and comments.

2. Go to Settings > Other > Import & back up

3. Click on “Import content” button and solve the captcha.

4. If you want to automatically publish all imported posts and pages, then see the “Automatically publish all imported posts and pages” option, if not, then uncheck this option.


Click on the “import from computer” button and select the backup file. is that all.

So you can take backup of your blog like this. I hope you get my little guide to help you with Blogger blog backup.

If you need any help or more information, please do not hesitate to use the comment form below.

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