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Backup facebook photos, messenger, data: 13 Easy Steps

Backup facebook photos, messenger, data: 13 Easy Steps
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Facebook has become an integral part of our lives. Our life remains incomplete if we miss a great place to test, express happiness or sadness, or upload pictures to view your friends.

If you are using Facebook for a long time, you do not know how much information can be shared on this social networking site. Thousands of pictures you add to Facebook, many of your uploaded laws, many places you have checked, and hundreds of friends added to your account.

It all creates a lot of data. Once you understand that you have shared a lot of data on Facebook, then you also want to return it. We will tell you how to back up your Facebook data.

With the rise of Facebook, almost everyone uses the internet or wants to use this great social networking website.

With over 2.4 billion users, Facebook has created a place where many sharing – photos, personal information, etc. Hacking attacks are increasing day by day, your account and your details may be in danger.

Thousands of Facebook accounts are cut or compromised every day. There is a nightmare for anyone who is losing their entire Facebook timeline, which is addicted to Facebook.

So, I’m sharing the entire guide to fully backup the backup account. Do you want to get Facebook Account Back Up? So let’s see how it is done.

Backup Facebook Account

1. Go to Facebook.

2. Click “Inverted Triangle” at the top.

3. Click “Settings.”

4. Now, click on “Download a copy” link.

download copy link click in Facebook

5. Click on “Start My Archive” button.

Click on Start My Archive button in facebook

6. Enter your Facebook password in the popup and then click on the “Submit” button.

Enter your Facebook password

7. In the “Request My Download” popup, click on “Start My Archive” button.

In the Request My Download popup

This is everything when your backup is ready to download, then Facebook will send an email to the email address registered in your e-mail account.

In my case, Facebook may take a few minutes to prepare backups in a few minutes depending on your Facebook account data.

8. Once you receive the email, open it and click the link in it.

9. Log in to your Facebook account if not already.

10. Now, click on “Download Archive” button.

Now, click on Download Archive button.

11. Provide your password and click “Submit

12. is that all. Your Facebook backup will begin downloading. This is a zip file.

13. Once downloaded, unzip it and click the “index.html” file.

Your backup will include a timeline, photos, videos, messages, events, pages, friends, and lots of information.

So you know how to back up Facebook Account. I expected to share with my readers. You can tell me in a comment box how you feel about these articles.

If you know something other than Facebook backup, then share it with our guest post.



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