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Before a start to blog on WordPress, a need for 3 things thinking

Before a start to blog on WordPress, a need for 3 things thinking
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Do you want to create a website? Starting a website can be a terrific idea, especially when you are not technically. There is nothing to worry about here. It’s easy when you create and manage your blog on the WordPress.org platform.

This article is useful for users of all ages and skill levels. If you want to do it yourself, then what is the best thing to do first, then you need to take some basic ideas before creating a website.

1. When you first step on WordPress.org then you need to choose your blog or website name (Domain).

2. Choose the best web hosting.

3. After choosing a domain and hosting, install and manage your WordPress.

So you need the Basic 3 step given above when you choose wordpress.org.

If you are wondering how much money can cost on WordPress.org then the answer to this question really depends on what kind of website you are trying to build.

Based on the type of hosting plan and provider you are buying. If you want to be a member with a good hosting provider, then its value starts at Rs.1100 of one year.

In this, we suggest that you deal with the shortcomings of starting on WordPress when you choose a hosting plan, the domain will also come free. If you have to think of domain separating, you can do this too.

There are many website builders available online that will help you set up the website, we recommend using the self-hosted (WordPress.org) WordPress as your website platform.

A self-hosted WordPress.org site for a new user is the perfect solution, comes with thousands of designs and add-ons that allow you to create any type of website that you can think about.

WordPress is free to download and use any person to create any kind of website without any restrictions. If it is a word that WordPress is free, where is the cost coming from?

WordPress is free because you have to organize your own domain name and hosting, which costs less. A domain name is the address of your website on the Internet, your users type in and browse through their browsers to reach your site. (For example, Webindiacrown.com.com or google.com)

After this, you will need website hosting, all the websites need to be hosted on the Internet, hosting it is the house of your website or blog.

Hostgator is right and cheap for you if you are looking for good hosting.

Hostgator is one of the world’s largest hosting companies. You can visit¬†Hostgator official site what’s the features with Hostgator plan.

So after seeing the plan above, you may have come to know. You have to start from the beginning to share hosting. This will be cheap for you. Besides hosting shared hosting and also which is expensive (Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting etc.)

At the end of these articles, I will say if there is any question in your mind then tell me in the comment box. We will definitely help you.

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