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Blog comment Important tips

Blog comment Important tips
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Comments are an important part of the blog. When Blogger makes a comment between blogging and readers, Blogger stops blogging in this dynamic, exciting way of blogging.

But this is the only blogger who loses comments during removal: Most blog readers enjoy comments commenting by others and often interact with partner visitors with comments of each other.

If you have these questions in mind, the comments are important for the blog. This is definitely important. First of all, the big thing is that backlinks are more important in making.

Commenting with your keywords as a name is a big advantage in SEO case, although many bloggers (with me) will see spam and will not accept such comments.

But if you can manually add comments without promotions and add value to the post, thanks for your comments.


Backlinks one improves your blog in the growth. Together, it is also seen that the commented site is a do-follow, no-follow or high quality.

This is the most important reason to constantly comment on other blogs. If you complain that your site is not getting enough traffic from the search engine, then it can not cause enough power with that search engine on your site.

When you comment on a blog, it helps to create backlinks, which in turn generate traffic. Most of these links are no-follow links and thus, take less value; However, the process is still helpful.

If you are a new blogger and have created a new blog, then start commenting this will help in the rapid indexing of the blog.


When we go ahead in our categories when blog traffic increases, I want to share a very neglected but super-powerful way to play bee-like bees in your blog.

Effective blog commentary leads to long-term traffic through cross-promotion which creates a friendship with other bloggers.

But by making short-term, effective blog comments, you can influence blog traffic with readers and encourage Mox with comments from your blog by clicking the link to fellow bloggers.

So the big thing is to increase the traffic, both of you read this important for our blog comment.

At the end of the article, I would say that you do not forget to share these articles further on social media. and tell more about the importance of this general blog comment to your friends.



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