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How to create Facebook page for business or blog startup’s guide

How to create Facebook page for business or blog startup’s guide
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Facebook has been on the list for the first rank among all social media. Not that no one is using it, everyone using it is like an addiction.

Facebook is the world’s largest social media service with more than 1.30 billion active users. Customers are using Facebook to search for businesses, products and brands for social interaction only.

I’m not going to tell the history of Facebook here. I’m about to discuss the Facebook page that is very important in traffic to our blog or website.

Facebook’s “likes” and “share” features are very useful in increasing awareness of your business.

A business Facebook page will allow you to boost your business, understand your target audience, interact with customers, post updates and promotions, and so on. And I say all businesses should have a Facebook page.

Have an idea about creating a Facebook page for your business.

I am participating in a full guide to create a Facebook page for your business website in this article. If you are not sure why you should create a Facebook page, read.

Our goal in this post is how you can create a Facebook page for your brand in 5 minutes.

How to make a professional Facebook fan page for business?

The Facebook page helps you to brand, organize and send to your blog or website fans. If you have not yet created a Facebook fan page for your blog, then go to do Facebook login and select the option given in ScreenShot.

Facebook page for WIC

A new page will open in that you will be asked to select the type of business, choosing the right category will allow your brand to reach the right audience.

To select a category, depending on the selection of which category you choose the best of your goals, you will be asked to fill out some extra information about the page you want to do.


Let me tell you by example: If you want to create a page for your local business, you will be asked to fill in information such as page name, category, street address, city and zip code. But if you want to create a page for your brand or product, or your company, organization or organization, you will be asked only for the name of the page and its category.

So you have to proceed by choosing page category like this.

But for my brand (WebindiaCrown) you are going to choose “Cause or Community“, you can keep your brand name as a community.

Cause or Community on Facebook page

Enter your brand name and click on “Get Started“, after clicking on it, you will be asked to upload a profile and cover image in two slides. You will click the “Skip” button twice, we will upload the image later.

After clicking on the “Skip” button twice, your brand page will display the dashboard, meaning – your facebook page has been created in the like below ScreenShot.

webindiacrown page dashboard

It’s been your brand page. But here we need to upload or enter our info and profile and cover image. And before making these settings first “learn more” blue button which is currently under the cover image. At the same place, we need to select other buttons.

Clicking on the “learn more” button will open a new pop-up box. Which looks like a screenshot below.

Learn more button

Six options can be selected from the list and there are other options available in this option (Suboptions) such as if you click on the 2nd number “Contact you“. Call Now, Send Message, Get Quote, Contact Us, Sign Up and Send Email such as there are six options present. In this, you can choose the Send Message option.

Now to upload a profile and cover image, click on the camera icon in the given ScreenShot and upload the profile and cover image by clicking on “Upload photo“.

Facebook Profile and Cover Image

If you do not know the Profile and Cover image size then ask to visit the online Postcron site. You can easily create this site on facebook profile and cover ready size.

Now there is a need to enter about information in the final stage. It is necessary to edit your Facebook page description, site, goal, start date etc. To edit this, click “About” on the left side of the Facebook page and edit information about your company or website.

webindiacrown facebook page details

Now your Facebook page is completely complete, start sharing on your website or blog facebook page which is more interested in increasing the traffic.

By following the above information, you can easily create your own page on Facebook. Also, if you want to read other types of posts related to this post, then stay connected to our website and continue reading other posts.

If you are confused with the brand name on a Facebook page or have any questions related to the Facebook page then comment in the comment box.



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