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Custom robots header tags settings in blogger every blog post

Custom robots header tags settings in blogger every blog post
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Custom Robots Header Tags for Blogger is the latest and important feature of Google’s BlogSpot.

The best and easiest way to control the behaviour of robots for your blog is by launching this feature, Google Blogger makes SEO friendly and convenient for blogging.

In my opinion, the functionality of large robots header tags for Blogger should be considered to get large search engine visibility to bigger bloggers.

Some bloggers do not take this into account because they are unfamiliar. These posts are necessary for those people, today I am sharing this guide for everyone to know about the blogger custom robots header tags for you.

What is Custom Robots Header Tags?

Custom Robots Header Tags is a BlogSpot feature, which is used to post a blog, through CRHT, we can tell the search engine whether or not to index the search engine bots.

Google has launched this feature in order to index posts or pages in the search engine and to show what to hide and what to show in the post. We can say in simple words that the work of CRHT works to hide and show the post on his blog.

Suppose that you do not want to index an extraordinary page in the search engine, then you can do a Noindex setting of CRHT.

The good features of BlogSpot are that Custom Robots Header Tags can also be used in Post and Page separately. We have talked to him in short form, but we have gone to Deep.

In both you will discuss the process, do not worry it is easy to do both processes or settings, override the Custom Robots Header Tags for individual posts and pages, and how to enable Custom Robots Header Tags for Blogger Both will talk about the process.

Override Custom Robots Header Tags for Posts and Page.

Blogger allows you to override the Global Custom Robots Header Tags setting for individual posts and pages.

In fact, this option will give you the freedom to control the Robots activity for each post and Page of your blog. See how to do this.

  1. Go to your Blogger account and go to the “Post” section.
  2. To configure the activity of robots, select the required post and click on the “edit” link.
  3. Now right side and take a look at “Post settings” > “Custom Robots Tags” and click on it.

What is Custom Robots Header Tags- Blogger BlogSpot

Uncheck the “default” option> Configure custom robots header tags in the way you want, Finally, click the “Done” button and post “Update“.

You will use this method in the use of Custom Robots Header tags in each post. In this only one post, tick mark of your Custom Robots Header Tags.

If you do not want to tick the Custom Robots Header Tags in every post, you can take advantage of the method below.

How to enable Custom Robots Header Tags for Blogger?

To enable custom robot header tags for Blogger, it is highly recommended to get full control over your blog.

I’m assuming that you already know what the search engine robots are and how they work, in reality, these robots revolve around the web and collect every single pin drop.

In addition, you should know that this robot is responsible for processing data and rank of your website. We will be able to control it with the Blogger custom robot header tag.

To see how to enable custom robots header tags in Blogger at this point, just follow the steps given from my step by step instructions.

From the left menu, click “Settings > Search Preferences” Now take a look at the right side You will see the option “Custom robots header tags” below the custom robots.txt. Here you will need to click on “edit” link as shown below.

How to enable custom robot header tags?

Click on the “Edit” button and you have to enable this feature by clicking on the first button (Yes).

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This is the most important part of the whole process, here we will direct the robots to tickmark like a screenshot below for your blog using some checkboxes.

Optimum Settings for Blogger BlogSpot Custom Robots Header Tags

You have successfully enabled the Custom Robots Header Tags for Blogger and click on the “Save changes” button.

I think there no other confusion about blogger’s Custom Robots Header Tags if there is any question, comment in the comment box below.

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