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Delete blogger blog permanently guidelines

Delete blogger blog permanently guidelines
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Blogger is one of the most popular blogging platforms, which allows you to make your own blog free of charge at no cost. You do not have to worry about hosting, technical content or anything like that. This is why many people go ahead to start their first blog with Blogger and it’s absolutely amazing.

However, occasionally, you feel that you do not want to keep it now and want to delete your old Blogger blog account.

There can be many reasons, you make a mistake with your first blog, you have done anything wrong or whatever it may be.

Do you want to remove this reason? So I will definitely help you, are you ready?

WARNING: Deleting your blog, including posts and pages, will remove all. So first get your content backed up.

How to permanently remove Blogger blog?

1. Login to your blogger account using your Gmail.

2. Click on the settings button and choose “Other” located on the left side.


3. Click on “delete blog” and this window will pop up.

4. It is highly recommended that you decide to go back before downloading your blog. Once you have done your job, click on “Delete this blog”.

Delete this blog in blogger

This blog has not been permanently deleted You can view a deleted blog in the “deleted blogs” section.

You can restore your deleted blog (you have to click on the “retrieve” button) if you have not deleted it within 90 days, it has been permanently deleted.

If you want to permanently remove it now, follow the steps given below:

5. Select the blog name that was removed in the “Deleted blogs” section (click on the reverse triangle next to the blog name).

click here in blogger blog

6. Click on “Permanently Delete” button.

click Delete Permanently

7. In the confirmation message, click “Delete Permanently“.

It’s all about permanently removing your blog. Deleting a Blogger blog is easier than you think. However, things can get worse when you forget the login details or you do not have access to your Gmail account.

What happened when you last deleted your Blogger blog? Was it easy? Did I miss something in this post, helpless to tell me in the comments?

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