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Delete wordpress theme – 3 Steps to reinstall theme

Delete wordpress theme – 3 Steps to reinstall theme
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I wrote an article “How to install WordPress themes?” These have become easily expert. But how to remove unused themes Do you know. Those who can be unfamiliar with WordPress have begun.

In this article, I am going to discuss shortly guide “how to delete WordPress themes”. If you’re ready, then let’s go.

How to Delete Inactive WordPress Themes?

Step:1 Log in to your WordPress site as an administrator and navigate to the “Themes” option available under the “Appearance” menu. To see the “Theme Details” option shown below, move your mouse to the subject you want to delete.


Step:2 Click on “Theme Details” and see the screen. You will see the option “Activate”, “Live Preview” and then “Delete” option.


The option to remove the option to remove the theme was removed from the other option.

Step:3  Click the Delete button and then confirm the removal of the theme to remove it from your WordPress site.


Your WordPress inactive themes have been deleted. In this way, your second inactive themes can be removed by following this step.

If there is any question then tell in the comment box.

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