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How to install WordPress theme from your WordPress Admin

How to install WordPress theme from your WordPress Admin
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Menage to WordPress is very easy if those people who did not move on WordPress yet, those people would be thinking that technical knowledge may be required to run WordPress. It is wrong to have no need.

When you look at all the options on your WordPress dashboard comfortably and thinking ahead and understanding, then no knowledge is needed. Here at Web Blogger Tips, we also share WordPress basic and advanced tips so that your life can be easy on WordPress.

Today I am going to share a guide with you so that you can install WordPress theme from WordPress Dashboard. Do you need to do this?

We used to do many things when we used to work on a blogger but when we come to WordPress we have some unique and attractive themes that we can use to improve the format of our blogs and websites. But we install WordPress.

Do you want to install a WordPress theme? As a start, you may have heard about many free open and paid WordPress themes.

As soon as you start, you will want to use some of the themes on your site, as long as you do not have the right requirements to meet your needs, we will give you detailed instructions on how to install WordPress Themes for beginners Will provide detailed steps.

How to Install WordPress Theme on WordPress platform?

To set up a theme on your WordPress site, you need to do your first and most important thing to enter your WP Dashboard by entering your username and password.

When you successfully sign in to your dashboard, you will see a sidebar on the left side of your window, move your cursor over to the view in the sidebar and click on the theme that you can refer to below the screenshot.

Select Theme options

Once you click on the theme, you will be taken to a new web page, click “Add New”.

Click to Add New options

You will see many themes in front of all those topics which are free, which you can sort by popular, latest, featured as well as other feature filters. Those you can find directions on your WordPress Dashboard, select one of them and click Install.

When you click Install on the theme, you will immediately start downloading automatically, after that the automated installation process will start in your WordPress, after this process you have to click on Active. After activating your theme, your theme has been fully installed.

Complete Install Theme

Now by refreshing your blog, you can see whether our theme has changed or else you can manually install your themes like this. Yes if you want to build your own themes or deal with a provider and install it, Upload Theme it you can do this by choosing the theme option.

If there are any questions, let us know through the comment box.



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