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Meta description SEO friendly perfect basic guide

Meta description SEO friendly perfect basic guide
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Is your blog’s meta description correct or false, do you know how to be SEO friendly? If you want to earn money with an online blog then it is important. You must correctly optimize your blog from SEO friendly, but I do not want to mention all about “on-page and off-page” history in this post. Only posts in this post will focus on meta descriptions. Because there are guidelines about meta descriptions in this article.

The meta description is a short text preview shown for each search result that summarizes the contents of the page. Search engine meta descriptions show that when users find it otherwise, they can select text from the page and create dynamic descriptions, although there is no direct impact on the ranking of meta description, it is still an on-page SEO Is an important component of.

I will tell you in this post, you will learn what the meta descriptions are, how to write good meta descriptions (with examples) and why they still talk to SEO. The novice blogger is unfamiliar with SEO, these posts are also an important role for them.

What is meta descriptions?

The meta description is a special HTML tag placed at the top of the webpage that looks like this:

<meta name=”description” content=”The meta description is a short text preview shown for each search result that summarizes the contents of the page. You want to customize the meta descriptions of your blog. You should know what the meta descriptions are and how to write good meta descriptions?” />

Go to any page you want, right-click anywhere on the page, and see the source to see the HTML content of the page.

When you search on google, for every listing shown in search results, Google is making a snippet based on the following.

  • The title of the page
  • The URL of the page
  • The meta description provided by the user in the head (<head></head>) of the page or the dynamic meta description created by the search engine algorithm.

When I search in the search engine “Blog SEO” and you are looking at the ScreenShot below how are these three relationships looking at.

Three relationships looking Title-URL-Meta Description

In this case, Google decided to use the meta description given in the Meta Description setting of the Genesis Framework, but as we will see in the examples below, this is not always the case and Depending on the user query, Google may decide to make it more relevant to use the dynamic meta description created from the page.

Notice the above snippet that the word “blog SEO” is shown in bold because they actually match the search query.

So in this way Meta Description works in search engine, if you want to optimize your blog Meta description, then focus down.

Meta descriptions should be between 165 and 320 characters. According to Google guides, meta descriptions can have one line or two or a short paragraph. Google made changes to provide more meta descriptions in its search results. The maximum number of characters displayed was 160, whereas now the average 230 characters are.

Look at your meta description, you did not break the rules of SEO. If this platform depends on the WordPress you are on, you should be used to provide your custom customizable frameworks in which you are using the description of writing a special area (shown in the Genesis Framework) in the above example Can, or install Yoast SEO and can change the meta description settings

You are not on WordPress then see the meta description box available in the post or page settings. If your meta description SEO is not friendly, then below explained how SEO should be converted into.

Meta Descriptions and SEO

Before you can get meta descriptions, before getting directions about how to write good meta descriptions, it is important to understand what is the relationship between meta description and SEO.

It should be noted that, in theory, customizing meta descriptions is part of on-page SEO, which is one of the main pillars of search engine marketing. If you are thinking that there is no direct impact on the Meta descriptions ranking.

What is written in the meta description is not used by algorithms during the ranking process. What is the page optimization for ranking?

Meta descriptions are still important as it is that users are found in the search results and related to two methods related to SEO

First of all, a good meta description will encourage users by clicking on their website, and this means more traffic.

Second, Google uses CTR (click through rate) to find out what users are searching for in a specific search query. If users want to click on your listing in your rankings, then it is a sign for Google that your page can improve the user’s aims over the rest and it will eventually be due to higher rankings.

If users want to click on your listing in your rankings, then it is a sign for Google that your page can improve the user’s aims over the rest and it will eventually be due to higher rankings.

To take advantage of these for SEO purposes, you need to make sure that the contents of your page are highly compatible for meta descriptions or users will visit your page and return to search results and this is not good.

Do you want to optimize the good SEO meta descriptions?

Here are 7 most important guidelines for writing customized meta descriptions.

  • As mentioned above, your meta descriptions should be between 160-320 characters. Try to stay in this category and avoid making your meta description very short or too long.
  • Meta descriptions should be informative and interesting. Include all relevant information in your meta description so that users can understand that if a particular page is useful and concerned about it, then it is related to it. Do not write those details, which have no relation to any content on the page.
  • If you take into account the invitation of the Meta description page, then you can not describe it as “A mixed metaphor describing a non-existent, yet the implicitly high level of qualification.” This is an easy description.
  • Posting on your website, including every page or homepage and category pages, should have a unique meta description.
  • Automatically create a description of the page based on the first 160 characters of some CMS content. This is a bad habit because you can end up with meta descriptions that appear, which do not search engines or user-friendly.
  • Describe each page in a unique way and avoid writing general details, which do not accurately describe page content.
  • Users are always searching for up-to-date information so that your page has finally been updated. Clicking on this will make your snippet more relevant and interesting.

It is important to follow the above list which you can write a good SEO friendly meta description.

When writing your meta descriptions, you should be aware that it can be used as part of your snippet, when your page or post is shared on social media networks.

By default and unless otherwise configured, most of the social media plugins will use the meta description content to create your snippets.

Meta description algorithms are not used for ranking purposes using content, but the user is used as a method of detecting the SERPS preferably.

Getting good and interesting details will increase your CTR (click through rate) and this means more traffic to your website.

Guides for writing good details are simple: stay within the 320-character limit and provide a unique and accurate description of all your pages. Please, like this process, you want to write advertisements to tell users why they should click and go to their website.

Before making any changes, evaluate the ranking position after analyzing your CTR and earlier and performance reports and Google Search Console changes.

Lastly, if you like these posts, then let us comment and I discussed meta descriptions that you are feeling right or wrong, they also tell us to comment and do not forget to share it further.



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