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Propeller ads publisher beginners guide, benefits and sign up it?

Propeller ads publisher beginners guide, benefits and sign up it?
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Do you want to make money with Affiliate marketing as a blogger and owner of a website, you can always look for new and formative ways of monetizing your site?

How can you make more money? The good news is that Propeller ads are giving a new spin on advertisements for bloggers and owners of viral sites if you are looking for a way to double your revenue while maintaining a positive user experience.

We all know that monetization of the site is one of the main objectives of all site owners.

This is why we are going to teach you a way to monetize your site using Propeller ads so that whenever you come to your site, you will earn money. And also how to earn money to promote the site.

About Propeller Ads Company

Propeller ads were founded in 2011, in which publishers and advertisers wanted to make a better bridge. Propeller ads are an internet media company focused on providing the easiest, most effective and reliable global digital advertising platform.

The Propeller ads network offers multi-channel advertising solutions for solutions such as Mobile, Push notifications, Banner, Popunder, Direct ads, Dialog ads, Interstitials for your website or blog.

This is a great CPM advertising network, they provide advertisements for all screen types, making it a popular choice for various webmasters.

Multiple payment options make Propeller Ads Ideal for bloggers all over the world because your account is created immediately and can be used immediately by coding in your website or blog.

Benefits of Propeller Ads

The most obvious and biggest advantage of using advertising networks like Propeller ads is the ability to earn more money. It is quite clear, but how does the advertising network achieve this goal?

Here’s a key that Propeller ads actually work under various payment plans, it includes many different advertisers.

Some advertisers work on a CPM basis on CPL or CPA, it does not matter to the publisher here because Propeller ads provide real-time optimization for each person’s site.

The result is that for every site is the highest possible eCPM (cost per view/per 1000 views), which can increase the revenue of your site three times.


Site Integration is easy – just copy and paste some code – and visiting each site is appropriate for maximum profit.

Propeller company has updated a new feature, which is a big feature in Push Notifications. Your traffic can increase and earn well together.

So what did you think? If you are interested in earning revenue with Propeller Ads, you need to create an account on Propeller Ads.

How to get started with Propeller Network.

Getting started with this network is not very difficult if you are thinking, there is no hindrance to signing up for this network.

Propeller ads are just 5 minutes to sign up for the network and after account creation, you can get immediate approval.

Again, it is advisable that any Affiliate sites need to increase their website traffic before joining them. Now to create an account for Propeller ads network, follow the steps below.

Initially, click Propeller Ads.

Now you will take this link directly to the sign-up page. Here you have to enter your details.Propeller Ads sign up form

Keep in mind that in the first account type select Individual, if you are joining with any Affiliate program then before entering your details, these two options have to be stepped forward by choosing Individual (publisher) and advertising.

After entering all the details, click the “Sign Up” button, when you sign up, you send two email propeller companies in your email box.

  • The first email, to confirm your Propeller account.
  • The second email, Propeller Company, will send you the login password with this password can open your Propeller account.

When you log in, the Propeller dashboard will show up, in that you can see all the options like earnings, impressions, clicks and CPM, which you get from your website.

Now you have to add your website or blog, which will make it easier for you to see the screenshot below.

Add-webindia-crown-site-blog affix

After clicking “Add Site”, enter your blog or website name in the next step and click on the “Add Site” button.

Now you have to paste a code in your website below <head>, without this code your site will not be verified completely so it is important to add code to the site. See in ScreenShot.

Copy-paste the complete code by clicking “Seve theme” at the bottom of the <head> and save and click “Verify”.

Now, you have to go to profile settings and fill in your payment method Propeller ads accept Payments via Payoneer, PayPal, Skrill EUR, Webmoney Z. The minimum payment limit is $ 100, and the payment method will be a pure monthly basis.

If you have any questions about Propeller ads, then let us know, we will be happy to answer.

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