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Propellerads push notifications add your website

Propellerads push notifications add your website
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When we start an online business, we have to face difficulties only. You are not alone in this Even bigger companies have to face this problem in order to earn their income. But, these people promote by paying for running the business.

Ever hear is Adwords name, Adwords deals with campaigns with it. This is the largest traffic payment source in the world. Alternatively, there is an option to increase some traffic.

Some people share the blog, subscribe or promote their facebook page like on social media. You have done this, is an affiliate who also help us to increase traffic and earn money.

I have a great tool in addition to raising the above traffic, and some people are using Push notification by paying. In fact, they are very successful in adopting these tricks for traffic, and some regular bloggers may not know about push notifications, available in online free, that is also available in the limit.

If you are a blogger then using an affiliate program. Do you use propeller ads program? They definitely know, which is join the blog affix.

The propeller company has updated a few months ago, which is a push notification. To increase your traffic, propeller ads have pushed push notifications that are also allowed to add to your site at absolutely free. So you should remain in agreement with them, no propeller ads take any charge in the company sign up, so do not be late for joining.

If you have chosen to add propeller push notification, then click on the link below to sign up for propellerheads free, then focus on how to add this push notification code.

First of all, let me introduce you to What is push notifications? we will be added to our website or blog later for push notifications so let’s move forward.

What is Push Notification?

Push notification is a message that pops up on a mobile and desktop or laptop when the user is stopped using the device notification can still be sent.

It is also called an alert-style message that slides in the lower right corner of the desktop screen or in the lower right corner. Depending on the operating system or appearing on a mobile device, it is almost the same as pursuing information associated with the application.

Push notification is delivered at any time on the user’s desktop or mobile screen to open his browser – whether it’s on a website or not.

Push notification is a provider that offers free and paid service but propeller ads have added Push notification features with a new update version launch. If you want to see, then my first blog has been added, see the push notification below ScreenShot.

push notification add for webindiacrown

You can see it in the screenshot shown above, and users click on Allow so these Notification Messages alerts are turned on, if you update the new post, then it appears.

These push notifications must have been seen on the online sites, and a big propeller ads push notification benefit is that they can create high CPM and passive income. If you want to add your push notification on your website or blog then follow the steps below.

Propeller ads push notification how to add in your website?

Propeller ads push notifications before you add, you need to create an account. It is absolutely free, do not make any payment. if you have not created the account yet, click here.

After making the account, it is necessary to verify your site. Need to visit the articles written about what Propeller ads are, and also tips on it were how to verify the website.

First step: Select the Site option as described in the screenshot below.

select site options-Add webindiacrown site Propeller ads push notification

Second step: Now make your site verify, it will be here your site, click on that site and press the “Create Zone” blue colour button in the new window.

Third step: After pressing “Create Zone”, click on first push notification from the 6 different types of ads list in your add new window and enter the Zone name.

select the push notification in propeller ads

Fourth step: Now, click on create zone and code copy-paste your site’s <head> tag below.

copy-paste code head tag propeller ads

Now click on “Save Theme” and save it. Your push notification has been added and will start showing in 5 to 6 minutes and this way, you can add another zone.

I’m asking you to share on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus social media and tell your friends about propeller ads to push notifications.

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If you have any questions tell us in the comment box, we are ready to help you.



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