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SEO friendly Title need to optimize for blog – basically guide

SEO friendly Title need to optimize for blog – basically guide
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Looking at this blog SEO friendly title tag, you can think that what is needed is an SEO friendly title tag instead of a blog post.

Yes, more than the post content, the blog title works on the search engine, later description and post content.

Example: You go to take the book in the bookshop, there will be many different authors on a book. You gave the order of digital marketing book, they gave 3 different author books. First, You did see the title (book cover), index, last, book content.

This way the search engine works. If the visitor searches, then the first two things are shown in different order in the title and description search engine. For the first rank, SEO friendly title description, URL and post content is also important. Here we are going to SEO friendly title.

Write a blog post like other articles are your skills to keep an interest in your readers, you should think about the structure of your copy and write compelling texts.

By giving headlines, subtitles and a clear paragraph, you can understand the main ideas of your post for your readers. If people understand and love your lesson, then they are ready to share.

In order to improve your ranking in Google, you must definitely try to enhance your writing skills!
Your blog or website is thinking of doing high ranking on search engine. Here you want to advise the improvement of 3 words TUD-Title, URL and Meta description.

It can only go ahead with the title.

If you are a new reader, then what is SEO? If you are unfamiliar with SEO, then I recommend that you visit the link-What is SEO?

You need to make sure that your good SEO friendly title tag should be kind of like.

The title is important to know the blog and it can be impossible to know what its blog is about, after listening to an interesting name near the search engine, one click on it, as if it could be a unique title, it does not match any blog title, a matter of taking care of it.

The big deal that, given the first rank on them. With its unique content, theme design, hosting, image Alt tag (attributes), permalink, the domain also important, not only the title works.

That’s all but 60% of the titles and descriptions keep high ranking in the search engine.

So, here’s the focus.

In the beginning, the titles are unfamiliar with the CEO, these people do not run on the title related to the blog, this business will not grow too.

The unfamiliar, he has ever done what I am going to tell.

If you have used a search engine before, whether you viewed the title of the post or not, whether you felt it or not. It is called title only on SERP (search engine results page).

If you search any words on the search engine, then the search engine will show you the related lists of those words. The first title will appear in this list.

For example: If you use Google “LG Monitor”. You will see that one of the top results is from LG India.

LG Monitor.jpeg

In this case, the post title tag is “LCD & LED Monitors For Better Energy & Clarity | LG India”.

Work with the title tag meta description (text below the title tag).

In the case of the above “LG Monitor” search result, this meta description – a sentence or phrase that adds more information about the post.

You also know that title tags are more important than meta descriptions. Both title tags and meta descriptions provide brief information about how your content works together, but the title tag is more than that.

It should be understood that, without this, search engines will not understand what the main purpose of the post and page.

Some people write post content and title too differently, post content should be related.

First, decide what post is about, write it related.

Here’s how to write a great SEO friendly title tag, there are some elements of the title tag.

The title tag should be short: shorter titles are easier for people to read and crawl search engines. But there is a good reason for short title tags.

If your title tag is too long, the search engine will stop with your title (…).

Blog Post Title for WBT

Ideally, your readers and search engines will see the entire title tag so they can get excellent feedback about the content.

This is a tool that shows how the title looks like a google search engine. Moz reports that Google usually displays 60 characters of the title tag.

So if your SEO friendly title tag is 60 characters or less, then you can usually expect that the full title will be shown. If you want to make sure that Moz has a simple title tag preview tool.

Moz Tools

This is a great feature, which I recommend that you use. Remember, keep them as short as possible. Your main focus should be the keyword in the title tag. In an article about SEO friendly, you probably have something to see for keywords.

For good results, try to keep your focus keyword as the beginning of your title as soon as possible. That’s the same search engines (and people) will see the initial keywords.

Here is a title tag with the correct title.

Overclocking for Newbies

Here he used “newbies” with the keyword “overclocking”, it is exquisite for SEO and it is the short title but unique.

The paradox is that this result is near the end of keyword (Over-clocking) titles.

What about you over-choking

It is better than the keyword is near the beginning (“You know what is”), but it is not necessary for great SEO friendly. This will always remain behind in search rank, there is no more traffic.

Your title tags represent your posts, and you want people and search engines to know that your posts have unique, valuable content. Make sure your title tag relates to your content, it should read naturally and attract the reader’s attention.

Keep in mind that you are not trying to track people, you should do this, if they click on your post, they can get some benefits that users will get.

Mostly, what’s the posts to say “profit”, there is nothing else about it! At this time you are not trying to sell anything, you are giving them information.

The next logical action you want is that users click on your post and click on the ground. This is the goal that is trying to achieve your title tag.

First, here is a title tag that clearly expresses the 80% benefits (Not great meta description)

Desktop PC Store

Seconds, this title tag does not follow simple and obvious 60% benefits. this is not right. (good meta description)

Desktop Computers - Best Buy

Title creation time, please do not copy the same title of all the above images, it has been kept to explain.

How much difference there is here, it can take some time to meet with a visitor. I have made such a mistake, but you should not do that.

It to be careful that you are on any platform. Your posts are content original (unique), write related to the title, permalink (URL) and description.

Start the title with Focus keywords only. If WordPress is a user, then Yoast SEO Plugins available. This is awesome. WordPress users will be able to use regular, do not know Yoast SEO Plugins to download. Yoast SEO Plugins will suggest SEO error.

If you are located in the blogger then you have to be yourself like Yoast SEO Plugins. These articles have to follow a guide for all of them.

You want to remove all these loads, request to upgrade to WordPress soon.

If there is any question then ask in the comment box. I will definitely help you.



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