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Sign up Twitter account step by step: increase your blog traffic

Sign up Twitter account step by step: increase your blog traffic
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You definitely like social media like Facebook, Instagram, Whatapps, Snapchat. But you use Twitter, maybe “Yes” and some people do not get both answers. This is a post for those people who have raised their answer “NO”.

And if you want to start new with Twitter, in this article I are going to paste what is twitter and twitter on how to create an account. If you are more interested then I am going to start in

If you are a blogger or online business then surely Twitter will increase your traffic and sales so do not forget to agree with twitter.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is an online news and social networking service. Where users are called tweets to communicate to people in short messages. This social networking service is allowing to do tweets in 280 characters as the msg, cannot do more than that.

Twitter social networking service was founded in 2006 and Twitter owner Jack Patrick Dorsey is an American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur who is a co-founder of Twitter.

After a few years, twitter service has rapidly gained worldwide popularity in the year 2012, since then in 2018, more than 500 million have become users.

Creating an account on Twitter is free and easy and users can post tweets that are registered with Twitter, only they can read that users use Twitter to access their website interface, short message service (SMS), Image, GIF Image, poll or mobile device application software (“App”).

Most people like to use their iPhone and Android device and it’s easy to tweet. If you want to become a Twitter user, then let’s talk about how to create an account on Twitter now.

How to create an account on Twitter?

Making an account on Twitter is an easy step to follow.

First, click on sign up, when clicked, twitter sign up box will appear in a new tab. This box is to enter your name, email and password, then click Sign up.
join twitter account
After clicking on the sign-up, you will be asked to enter your phone number in a new window.

Enter your phone number

Now it is necessary to enter your username in the next window. Keep in mind that you name a business or blog which will be added as a username followed by an official Twitter site name, and then click on “Let’s Go”.

enter twitter user name

Twitter will ask you what you are interested in which list is selected in the list below. If you do not want any, click “Continue”.

Then in the next step, you have to click on “No Thanks” and on the next page, if you do not follow some list, then proceed with untick mark at Select All.

Now your Twitter account has been completely completed but there is a need to change something which is essential to know your Profile setting.

To select profile option you will see in ScreenShot below which will help you find the profile option.

Click to this icon on twitter profile

Like a ScreenShot, a drop-down menu will open after the selection of which many options are available, choosing the Profile option which will open in a new window and need to upload its profile and cover image here.

upload icon and header image

Twitter profile and cover size: –
Profile: 400×400
Header (Cover image): 1500×500

If you want to create an online profile and header image then please visit the postcron.com site and easily create profile and header image online in standard size.

If you are now a business or you are a blogger, then Twitter users can live up to the show. Since traffic can increase and users who follow more follow up follow them, who can see their tweet update in the timeline of their followers.

If you like this article, then share it with your friends and connected to our BlogAffix on Twitter.

I have tried to convince these two guides here on Twitter and how to create an account on Twitter, and If you still have any questions, please comment in the comments, you will ask some questions in the comments, then I will feel the answer.



I am the proprietor of Dharmesh and Web Blogger Tips. This blog that was created in 2018. I started webbloggertips in the form of passion, and now it gives strength to new people and helps fundamental elements of blogging to learn from my blog. if using social media, then Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to Like and Follow.

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