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Top 3 Free website analyzer tools

Top 3 Free website analyzer tools
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Web analytics tools are mandatory for tracking traffic to each website and making strategies based on it. There are many web statistics available that you can use to track traffic calculations, types and behaviours on your website.

Although each analytical tool is one of its unique features, choosing the right is very important. Using multiple analytics tools is really bad for your website’s performance, so you should choose only 1 tools that provide all the features you need.

There are so many tools on online that might not hear the name. None of that can be successful, but what I’m about to show you about 3 tools. I have done research through my blog.

In this article, we will list 3 website analytics tools that can be easily used for free, just choose what is best suited to your needs.

Top 3 Free Web Statistics Tools

1. StatCounter

StatCounter tracking tool

The StatCounter advanced functionality is available for a fee, but most metrics require a general blogger’s cover in the free package. It is important to keep in mind that StatCounter offers reliable features and tracks 250,000 visitors per month for free.

StatCounter Activity Alert, descriptive information about your visitors, when they go, and the paths that take to reach your site. Collaborative mobile apps allow you to bring your statistics with you wherever you go.

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics tool

You must know this. Google Analytics is for a while and it is considered the most comprehensive website tracking tool. Reports are available in the following versions, and users can set up Custom Reports, which are useful for bloggers who want to track a specific ad campaign.

The basic Google Analytics service is available for free. Free Google Analytics apps are available to monitor your site’s statistics when you are running.

3. GoingUp

GoingUp tool

GoingUp offers an all-in-one solution for web analytics and SEO tools to manage your website together and create tactics. It will analyze the problem by tracking the traffic behaviours on the individual page and comparing the performance of each page. With it, you can see where visitors come from and where they go. This is also a very good tool for you.

This is more than three. That’s not good for you, I’ve been using these 3 tools for 2 to 3 years. And the experience with him was also good.

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