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Increase writing post through WordPress keyboard shortcuts

Increase writing post through WordPress keyboard shortcuts
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Did you know that WordPress has its own keyboard shortcut? If you are looking for productivity tips to save time while writing a post in WordPress, then you need to use these shortcuts.

By using keyboard shortcuts in WordPress, you can save a lot of time in content editing and comment moderator. Instead of choosing options from toolbar icons, this is an easy way to format your content quickly, especially in an interrupted free mode where the toolbar is limited to a few.

There are shortcuts that do not result in the same icon, even if you are not familiar with keyboard shortcuts.

In this article, here is a complete guide to WordPress keyboard shortcuts for Windows / Linux based PC and OS X based Mac.

Where to See Shortcuts for Content Editing?

Available under the “Kitchen sink” toolbar in your WordPress post editor as shown below. The list of shortcut keys can be viewed by clicking on the icon.


Open these shortcuts help by pressing “Alt + Shift + h” in Windows and “Option + Shift + h” in mac.

Shortcuts for Content Editing

  • The + sign indicates holding the previous key and then pressing next key in the sequence. You need not press a + key on the keyboard.
  • In Mac “Option” button is same as “Alt” button.

Shortcuts for Content Editing

How to Activate Shortcuts for Comments Moderation?

The control of comments in WordPress is quite straightforward, but many people do not know about keyboard shortcuts that make it easy. Especially blogs that get lots of comments, specially forged and spam comments, these keyboard shortcuts will save you time.

Unlike the View Editor shortcut, the comments shortcut in WordPress is required to be activated under “User > your profile” in your user dashboard.

How to Activate Shortcuts for Comments Moderation

There are two types of Shortcuts for Comments Moderation shortcuts available in WordPress.

  1. Individual Comment Actions
  2. Bulk Comments Actions

1. Individual Comment Actions Shortcuts:

Individual Comment Actions Shortcuts

2. Bulk Comments Actions Shortcuts:

Bulk Comments Actions Shortcuts

With these given WordPress shortcut keys you can promote your Productivity. How do you feel about our article, you have to write your query and suggestions in the comments box.



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